Dog Waste Bags - ULINE - 8 x 13" - Ctn of 2,000 - S-21319$55.00ULINE

Dog Waste Bags - ULINE - 8 x 13" - Ctn of 2,000 - S-21319

Dog owners understand the importance of keeping their surroundings clean, and one essential tool for maintaining cleanliness is dog waste bags. ULINE, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality packaging and shipping supplies, offers a reliable and affordable solution for disposing of dog waste. The ULINE Dog Waste Bags are designed to provide convenience and hygiene while ensuring the well-being of both dogs and their owners.

The ULINE Dog Waste Bags are made of durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), making them resistant to tears and leaks. The strength of these bags ensures that they can easily handle the weight and volume of dog waste, preventing any unwanted accidents during disposal. Measuring 8 x 13 inches, these bags are spacious enough to hold waste from dogs of all sizes.

Each carton of ULINE Dog Waste Bags contains 2,000 bags, ensuring a long-lasting supply for dog owners. This high quantity is ideal for both individual dog owners and establishments such as dog parks, veterinary clinics, and pet-friendly communities. The bulk quantity not only saves money but also reduces the need for frequent restocking.

One of the standout features of the ULINE Dog Waste Bags is their ease of use. Each bag is dispensed through a perforated opening on the carton, allowing for quick and simple access to a new bag. This feature is particularly useful for dog owners who are in a hurry or have their hands full with other tasks. The perforation also prevents the bags from getting tangled or wasted, ensuring every bag is put to its intended use.

The ULINE Dog Waste Bags are designed with practicality in mind. The bags have a flat-bottom design, allowing them to stand upright when open. This feature enables dog owners to easily pick up waste without any spillage or mess. The bags also have a convenient tie-handle, making it easy to secure and seal the waste inside. This ensures a hygienic and odor-free disposal, keeping the surrounding environment clean and pleasant.

Aside from convenience and durability, the affordability of the ULINE Dog Waste Bags makes them an attractive choice for dog owners. Priced at $55.00 per carton of 2,000 bags, these bags offer great value for money. With an average usage of one bag per day, a single carton can last for several years, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term waste management.

Dog owners prioritize the well-being and hygiene of their pets, and ULINE Dog Waste Bags provide the perfect solution for responsible waste disposal. These bags offer durability, convenience, and affordability, ensuring a seamless experience for both dog owners and their beloved companions.

In conclusion, ULINE Dog Waste Bags are a reliable and practical choice for dog owners who value cleanliness and hygiene. With their tear-resistant material, spacious size, and convenient design, these bags make waste disposal a hassle-free task. The affordability and long-lasting supply also make them a cost-effective choice for individuals and establishments alike. By choosing ULINE Dog Waste Bags, dog owners can maintain clean surroundings and contribute to a healthier environment for all.


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