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Guna Yala, Panamá, Winfli Sailboat

About us

We are Bruno and Ingrid. We were born in the Canary Islands and share and live for years in Guna Yala. Like all of us, we dream, but we arrange our lives here, on our boat, to live light of luggage and to know all the different landscapes and people of different possible cultures. Also with the clear objective of doing what we like, being in full contact with nature, inspiring ourselves, surfing, sailing, having a healthy life...

We do not like rush, here we will be a little longer, in the navigation charts we have new routes marked for when the wind takes us to other Oceans.

In our boat there is also room for you, if you want to get out of your routine and embark for a while in the adventure... welcome on board!

Guna Yala, Panamá, Winfli Sailboat

Where are we?

Guna Yala is one of the places you arrive and it's hard for you to go... it's a magical place, there are no words that define it, it's a paradise!

It is located on the Atlantic coast of Panama, to the North and along the Darién Jungle. Everything is full of life, the jungle with its rivers, the keys, some inhabited by the communities, others by the most delicious coconuts that we have tried and the families that grow them, and other pure, virgins...

Guna Yala, Panamá, Winfli Sailboat

Floating lives

Our community is full floating lives... some on the islands, our friends "dule" ("golden humans", as they call themselves, an indigenous ethnic group) and people from many places in the world who also sail.

Guna Yala, Panamá, Winfli Sailboat

Destination Kuna Yala

Depending on the number of days you want to join us, we can visit different groups of islands, rivers and / or communities... Chichimé, Banedup, Isla Perro, Salardup, Cambombia, Coco Bandero, Holandeses... are just some of the almost 400 islands among which we can choose

Guna Yala, Panamá, Winfli Sailboat

The north, from east to west

Guna Yala stands out for the white sand beaches, coconut trees, fishing, snorkeling in one of the most beautiful reefs in the world, for surfing (only in some spots with good conditions), kite, windsurf, yoga, meditation, tai chi...

Guna Yala, Panamá, Winfli Sailboat

The south, from east to west

Because of the proximity to the continent, and the distribution of the region, in this part we can visit the communities, enter the rivers, observe birds, hear stories of the place, wrap ourselves in the powerful energy of the jungle...

Guna Yala, Panamá, Winfli Sailboat

Add your grain of sand

From cleaning a beach, pay fair for a craft, collaborate with school materials, environmental education talks, or simply show them where you come from... infinite ways to put your grain of sand, to leave something positive and take an experience, sharing directly with those who need it... In the blog we will leave ideas for you to join. You can also leave new ideas. By changing little things we can do a lot!

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