Product Advantages

Three major advantages

1.Materials are the basis of production. Our company has strict control from the purchase of raw materials, precision and other aspects. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free, recyclable and high strength are the elements that make us superior to other brands.

2.Adhering to the environmental protection concept of "from nature, back to nature", the company has launched all-biodegradable modified resins and products made of PBAT, PLA, starch, etc. The products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions, and have won customers' trust and wide praise with good reputation and perfect after-sales service, making great contributions to global environmental protection.

3.The company has advanced production equipment, supporting the perfect quality control and the bureau of toxic quality inspection and development personnel.


Our Advantages

Our unique material advantages, process advantages, equipment advantages

Material Advantages

We have strict control over the procurement of raw materials and precision.

Equipment Advantages

We have advanced production equipment, complete quality control and highly qualified testing and research personnel.

Process Advantages

Since its establishment, KRAOEN has taken the great craftsman as the spiritual belief of the enterprise and created outstanding quality with craftsmanship.